Profile360 Profile360 is an in-line, real-time, non-contact measurement system for continuously monitoring key profile dimensions in complex shapes such as rubber, ceramic, plastic, and wood-plastic composite extrusions, roll-formed metal profiles, and profiled wire. Profile360 employs CrossCheck Line Laser Sensors to digitize the profile, compare it to a CAD template, and continuously monitor key dimensions. Dimension changes often indicate a change in material, equipment, or process, resulting in poor quality or high scrap or reclaim cost. Learn how the Profile360 from Starrett-Bytewise:
  • Improves quality and production yields
  • Displays immediately results of all line adjustments
  • Provides 100% inspection
  • Decreases start-up time
  • Reduces cost of scrap and rework

Profile360 for the Pipe Industry

Profile360-600Profile360 is an in-line, real-time measurement system for continuously monitoring OD, OOR, and circumference for round pipe and profiles. Profile360 can be installed in two locations, in-line before cutting, and in final inspection.

When installed in final inspection the system measures the OD, OOR, and circumference of the pipe ends and body to assure compliance with API and other standards. This includes a pipe length measurement system that measures the pipe length, and also associates each measurement to its position along the length of the pipe.

When installed prior to cutting, the system measures OD, OOR, and circumference continuously. These measurements can be used to fine-tune the tooling during a set up change, and then alarm whenever the values approach the allowable limits so that an operator can intervene before a quality fault occurs.

Profile360 is available in diameters up to 1600mm.


Starrett-Bytewise is comprised of industry-leading experts in laser sensor development, metrology and software development. Having this expertise enables us to develop industrial measurement systems that are the most accurate, reliable and easy to use in the industries we serve.

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Starrett-Bytewise measurement products are utilized both on and off the production line and acquire profile geometry data in order to verify a product's size and shape. This measurement data is made available for manual operator intervention or process automation. Our measurement systems have been developed to serve a variety of industrial applications:

  • On-Line Extrusion Profiling
  • Off-Line Part Profiling
  • Tire Identification
  • Product Guiding
  • Tire Quality Measuring

Industries Served

Starrett-Bytewise measurement systems are developed from a core set of proprietary laser sensor and software technologies. The application of these technologies has been adapted to serve the specific needs of the industries listed below. If we are not currently serving your industry, please review our site and contact us if you think that our measurement capabilities might be used to create products that meet your needs.

  • Rubber Extrusion
  • Plastic Extrusion
  • WPC Lumber
  • Tire
  • Building Products
  • Airfoil