Tire Measurement

Tire Industry Products include systems for component preparation (extrusion, calendering, belt and apex), tire building (carcass, belt/tread and shaping), final finish (bulge and depression, inspection), and R&D (bead-to-bead profile, tire inspection and tread wear measurement).

Ply, Belt and Extrusion Feature Tracker

The Ply, Belt, and Extrusion Feature Tracker (FT) continuously monitors any component process for width and splice alignment

Green Tire Uniformity Diagnostic System

The Green Tire Uniformity Diagnostic System (GTU) is used to analyze the placement of components at tire assembly for splice and runout.

Tire Geometry Measurement System

The Tire Geometry Measurement System (GEO-360) is a bulge and depression measurement system for tire uniformity machines and balancers.

Off-Line Profilometer 3D

The Profilometer3D (3DP) is a tread extrusion scanner that takes a 3D scan over a 30mm wide area.

Off-Line Profilometer

The Offline Profilometer (OFLP) measures treads to verify dimensional accuracy.

On-Line Profilometer

The On-Line Profilometer (OLP) is an in-line measurement system for monitoring tread profile dimensions.

Tire360 Tire Scanner

The Tire360 Tire Scanner scans tires from bead to bead for tire development, treadwear analysis and inspection.


VISAGE scans tires to verify sidewall letters for compliance with regulatory agencies.

Circumferential Tread Wear System

The Circumferential Tread Wear System (CTWIST) is a turnkey system for scanning test tires and reporting treadwear parameters.

Bead-to-Bead Profile Measurement System

The Bead-to-Bead Profile Measurement System (B2B) scan tires for profile verification and inspection.