Starrett-Webber Gage Blocks
Precision gage blocks are the primary standards for dimensional quality control. Starrett-Webber blocks provide exceptional accuracy, surface finish, wear resistance, dimensional stability and an unequalled reputation. We offer high-grade steel gage blocks for shop floor use, longer-lasting and non-corroding Ceramic blocks. Top-of-the-line croblox Chromium Carbide, are very stable, non-corrosive and with have excellent wringability – they are the most stable measuring devices available. A variety of sets are available in square- and rectangular-block versions. We also offer individual replacement blocks and a range of related accessories.


Our precision gage block products include:
  • Gage Block Sets
  • Individual Gage Blocks
  • Custom Gage Blocks
  • Accessories
  • Accessory Sets
  • Standard Reference Bars
  • Angle Gage Block Sets
  • True Squares
  • croblox Reflecting Cubes
  • Optical Polygons

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