120Z-12 Dial Caliper, Hardened Stainless Steel, 0-12" Range, .001" Graduations 56693

The Starrett 120 Series Dial Calipers are the only American made dial calipers. These calipers are used by mechanics and toolmakers everywhere. Features include direct reading, ease-of-handling, reliability and accuracy making these one of the handiest measuring tools available. This model features white dial, 0-12" range, and .001" graduations, Wood Case Depth Rod (PT26091) sold seperately.

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  • Only American Made Dial Caliper
  • Direct reading, reliable and accurate
  • Sharp, clear dial graduations
  • Sharp, black graduations on the satin finished bar
  • Knife-edge contacts for both inside and outside measurements
  • One hand use with the thumb-operated, fine adjustment roll
  • Lock screw for dial bezel and Lock screw for holding sliding jaw in position
  • Hardened stainless steel bar, measuring surfaces, rack, gears and depth rod
  • Positive, split-gear anti-backlash control
  • Depth Rod (PT26091) sold seperately.


  • Range (in): 0-12"
  • Graduations (in): .001"
  • Revolution Range (in): .100"
  • Bar Graduations: .100"
  • Construction Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial Color: White
  • Inside Jaw Depth (in): 3/4"
  • Inside Jaw Depth (mm): 19mm
  • Outside Jaw Depth (in): 2-1/2"
  • Outside Jaw Depth (mm): 63mm
  • Case Type: Wood
  • Accuracy (in): 0-6" (+/-.001") 6-12" (+/-.0015")


    Member of Kit

    Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
    10BAR #120-12NOT AVAILABLE1
    20SCREW, #3-56 SET X .156 LONG19023-01
    30SCREW, #3-56 SET X .125 LONG19214-01
    40SCREW, #3-56 LOCK X .223 LONG19024-01
    50STUD, FINE ADJUSTING22155-01
    60RACK, #259, 120-1222279-02
    70SCREW, 1/16-64 SLOT X .085 LONG10956-012
    80CASE, #12019027-01
    90SCREW, #1-64 SLOT X .082 LONG06839-02
    100SPRING, DETENT22080-01
    110SCREW, 1/16-64 SLOT X .065 LONG19051-02
    130PINION, HAND22267-01
    140BRIDGE, #120-1222164-01
    150SCREW, .042-120 FHCS X .094 LONG05465-02
    160O-RING, RETAINING23534-01
    180HAND, #12019035-01
    200•BEZEL, #12019042-01
    210•CRYSTAL, #12019043-01
    220CLAMP, BEZEL LOCK22165-01
    230PAD, SLIDE STOP22168-01
    240DIAL, #120 ENGLISH19041-01
    250SCREW, #2-64 CLAMP X .402 LONG27155-01
    260SLIDE,COVER PLATE26788-01
    270GIB, SLIDE COPPER28225-01
    280JAW, SLIDING #120-12NOT AVAILABLE(2)1
    290CASE ONLY, WOOD9461

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    California Proposition 65 Warning

      WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov