Material Test Product Specialist Eric Perkins demonstrates three types of force measurement and material testing with the Entry-Level L1 Systems while at the 2018 International Manufacturing and Technology Show.

This year, 150 visitors toured our headquarters in Athol, Massachusetts. Guests were able to interact with 15 different departments, seeing processes such as micrometer assembly, tumbling, laser engraving and photo chemical production. The tour also visited service departments to speak with personnel in drafting, marketing and IT. At the end of the tour, each guest had the chance to assemble a Starrett Center Punch and grab some popcorn. Read the full story here:

The HVR-Flip from Starrett is the latest in a line of video-based measurement systems. The HVR-Flip has the unique characteristic of being used in either a vertical or horizontal format offering tremendous versatility and value.

Motorsports and Starrett go hand-in-hand.

Starrett L1 Force Measurement Systems comprise our innovative, entry-level computer-based force testing solution. Optimized for production and quality control testing, they are easy to setup, operate and maintain. L1 Systems can be used to perform a wide variety of testing methods including Load Limit Testing, Distance Limit Testing, Break Limit Testing, Cyclic Count Testing, Cyclic Duration Testing, Constant Load Testing and Constant Distance Testing.

Bore gages measure inside hole diameter with high accuracy. The operator turns a knob or releases a trigger to simultaneously extend the contacts outward until the wall is touched by all contacts. Bore gages are selected by measurement range, depth, accuracy requirements and number of contacts (two or three). Some are available with interchangeable measuring heads, different diameters, and extensions for depth. They can have electronic displays (data output options), micrometer-type vernier scales or a dial (similar to an indicator). The Starrett line of bore gages is extensive, with products available for a broad range of applications.