Starrett employs Patrick Glennon for three quarters of a century

by | Mar 08, 2012

Patrick Glennon Machinist Tools Gages

Patrick S. Glennon was employed at Starrett from 09/06/1892 to 07/05/1966 as Milling Machine Operator. His length of service i.e. 74 consecutive years is believed to be a record for industrial employees in United States. “He’s never mentioned retirement,” said Former Vice President Carl O. Newton. Glennon at 90, stamped out forms for the instruments. “He’s symbolic of our feeling that regardless of age, if a man has the desire and is able to do the job, we want him here.”

At The L. S. Starrett Company we have many long term employees. Currently we have over 200 active employees with 25 or more years with the company and there are 450 retirees who had more than 25 years when they retired. One of the companies biggest asset is it’s people and their dedication, loyalty and commitment to the quality that goes into every tool produced by the L. S. Starrett Company.

He was born in Athol, son of the late John and Margaret (Quinn) Glennon, and was a lifelong resident. He was a charter member of Athol Council Knights of Columbus. He passed away on July 5th 1966.

We recognize Patrick’s contribution to the growth of the company and the legacy he left with 74 years of loyal service to the company.