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KDP11042-N 15 Piece Bi-Metal Industrial Hole Saw Kit 61841

Industrial hole saw kit produced with Starrett’s Fastcut bi-metal hole saws. These variable pitch h ole saws have been the industry standard for decades. Hardened, heat resistant, and positive rake h igh speed steel teeth are welded to a durable alloy backing and cap. They are exceptionally strong, safe, and shatter resistant. These tools effectively and economically cut a wide variety of materi als including wood, metal, and steel. Kit includes eleven bi-metal hole saws: 3/4'' (19mm), 7/8'' ( 22mm), 1'' (25mm), 1-1/4'' (32mm), 1-3/8'' (35mm), 1-1/2'' (38mm), 1-3/4'' (44mm), 2'' (51mm), 2-1/4 ' (57mm), 2-1/2'' (64mm), 3'' (76mm); two arbors: A1, A2; one 12" extension: A5; one ejector spring : A7; and case.


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  • Manufactured with hardened heat resistant and positve rake high speed steel teeth welded to a durable alloy backing and cap
  • Exceptionally strong, safe, and shatter resistant
  • Effectively and economically cuts a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, and steel
  • Allows cutting through a depth of 1-5/8"