PowerCalc Band Saw Selection Mobile Application

The Starrett PowerCalc band saw selection tool selects the right band saw blade for a specific application. PowerCalc is a free app that has been developed to work with Apple, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry mobile devices.

  • Composition of the material to be cut (to determine hardness).
  • Shape of the part to be cut.
  • Details regarding any bundling of the material.
  • Whether or not it will be a cooled cut.
  • Band saw machine being used to make the cut.

Once this information is entered, the results display the recommended Starrett band saw blade as well as information relating to the number of break-in cuts, cooling recommendations, and cutting time and speeds under both break-in and normal conditions.

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Cutting Area
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Material Cutting Guide
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Cutting Table
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Tooth Shapes
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