The Guaranteed Solution

One special gage and one Starrett 776 Display checks and displays up to eight dimensions. The larger diameter, small diameter, concentricity and length are all checked in one step in the example shown here. It takes less than ten seconds to take and store all four dimensions.

The sum of the inputs from opposing transducers insures .00005” accuracy on the large diameter. All other measurements are taken to less than .0001".

The actual sizes are entered into the No. 776 Display. Both the variance from nominal size plus actual size can be displayed.

Internal storage on the No. 776 Display holds data for analysis of future transfer to a PC.

SPC requires accurate input of product dimensions. Cost effective data collection will help you keep your competitive edge. Speed and accuracy are the demands met by this special gage and the Starrett GAGE-CHEK™ No. 776 Multi-axis, measured value display.