This five-station fixture gage checks critical dimensions and geometry of precision ceramic cylinders 4 1/2" long x .375" O.D. After the indicators are set to a master, the cylinders are staged individually in two V rests and checked as follows:

  • Station 1: Overall length 4.500" ±.010"
  • Station 2: Squareness of ends to axis and parallelism of ends to within .002"
  • Station 3: Longitudinal bow to within .005"/inch
  • Station 4: Out-of-roundness to within .003" T.I.R.
  • Station 5: Wall thickness .030" ±.003"

Features of this multi-indicator gage:
  • Micrometer head height adjustment of the work-staging V rests
  • Precision ball slide mounts for dial indicators at stations 3-4
  • Wear-resisting carbide contacts at all gaging station.
  • Inserting ceramic cylinder in gage to check squareness and parallelism of ends, longitudinal bow and out-of-roundness.