PI Gage for I.D. & O.D.

Starrett PI-Gages protect product quality by maintaining critical diameter tolerances of plastic lids and containers where shrinkage, temperature and mold affect parts manufacturing. The diameter of these parts is critical to the sealing integrity between lids and containers.

The Starrett PI-Gage checks diameters accurately to within .001 of an inch.

Designed to measure any flexible circular part, the PI-Gage has been in use for over 25 years. It is the industry standard for accuracy, replacing the old 2- and 3-point systems previously used.

PI-Plate Fixture for Large O.D. or I.D. Measurement

Designed to Fit Your Part

PI-Plate Gage for O.D.

This gage ensures container quality requirements with an easy-to-use gage system. With dial, or digital indicator for SPC, this gage measures flexible product diameters to .001" accuracy.

Each gage from the 2" to 4" range through the 10" to 12" range, is quickly set to zero with the master provided as an option. Push the button on the indicator to insert a part and release the button to gage a part within ±.025" diameter range from the master size. Featuring quick changes from size-to-size, ease of use, and .001” accuracy will ensure process control.

It takes less than one minute to set the band to a different master and zero the indicator.