1126-18 Internal-External Adjustable Setting Master for Starrett 1100 and 1101 Diameter Gage 53160

1126 Internal-External Adjustable Setting Masters For Starrett 1101, 1101M Diameter Gages
Internal-External Adjustable Setting Master, 12-18"

These setting masters are used to check and reset diameter gages under production gaging conditions. Each master consists of a rigid box beam with reference and sensitive heads which are individually adjustable along dovetail ways. The 1126 set masters are used to check and reset Starrett 1100 and 1101 Diameter Gages under production gaging conditions. 12-18" Length Range.

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  • A platen on each head locates the diameter gage from its feet
  • The position of the gage contacts is matched by the anvils on the masters which are vertically adjustable
  • The reference head anvil has a fine adjustment for final settings, plus a restrictor to help position the gage in the master
  • Both heads can be reversed for I.D. or O.D. settings
  • Each master has a fixed single point rest and two leveling screws which provide a three-point suspension
  • All contact and working surfaces are hardened and ground


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Setting Master Range (in): 12-18"
  • Setting Master Range (mm): 300-450mm
  • For Use With Diameter Gage Number: 1100 & 1101


  • 1126-18 (53160)
    1126-18 Internal-External Adjustable Setting Master for Starrett 1100 and 1101 Diameter Gage


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3D CAD Files / Exploded Parts Diagram

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      Member of Kit
      Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
      10BEAM, MASTER 12-18"30604-18*1
      20PAD, REST ASSEMBLY30605-01
      30SCREW, #8-32 SHCS X .375 LONG30970-04
      50NUT, .375-2430631-02
      60SCREW, 3/8-24 SET W OVAL POINT X 1" LONG30634-02
      70SLIDE, DOVETAIL30616-0*2
      80SCREW, #8-32 FHCS X .500 LONG30629-010
      100SCREW, .100-56 SLOT X .125 LONG08195-02
      110PLATE,BEAM END COVER30121-02
      120HEAD, SET30602-0**1
      140••SENSITIVE HEAD CASTING 30601-0*0
      150••NIB, SENSITIVE S. A.30539-01
      170•••SCREW, #8-32 SHCS X .375 LONG30970-0(2)1
      180•••NUT, #8-32 TEE SLOT30511-01
      190••STOP, ADJ. CONTACT30620-01
      200••LOCK, ADJ. CONTACT30623-01
      210••PIN, .125X.50030522-01
      220••SCREW, #10-32 SHCS X 1" LONG30240-01
      230••SLIDE, ADJ. CONTACT30621-0*1
      240••LOCK, DOVETAIL30614-02
      250••SCREW, #10-32 SHCS X.750 LONG30141-02
      260••SCREW, #5-40 SHCS X .375 LONG30852-02
      270••SCREW, 1/4-28 SHDR. X .375 LONG30624-01
      280••SCREW, #8-32 SHCS X .500 LONG30536-04
      290••ANVIL, GAGE REST30613-0*2
      300•HEAD,REF S.A.NO-NUMBER(3)1
      310••REF. HEAD CASTING30601-1*0
      320••NIB,REFERENCE ASSEM.30650-01
      330•••SCREW, #4-40 BHCS X .250 LONG30117-04
      340•••NIB, REFERENCE30518-01
      350•••SCREW, #8-32 SHCS X .375 LONG30970-01
      360•••NUT, #8-32 TEE SLOT30511-01
      370•••SHIELD,REF NIB-RIGHT30639-01
      380•••SHIELD, REF NIB-LEFT30638-01
      390••SCREW, #10-32 SHCS X.750 LONG30141-04
      400••LOCK, DOVETAIL30614-02
      410••SCREW, #8-32 SHCS X .500 LONG30536-04
      420••ANVIL, GAGE REST30613-0*2

    California Proposition 65 Warning

      WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov