2700-800 Backlight Electronic Indicator 72758

2700 Electronic Digital Indicators
Backlight Digital Indicator, 1"/25mm Range, .0001"/0.002mm Res., SPC Output, 3/8" Stem Diameter

The 2700 Backlight Indicators are available in 1", 2", and 4" range with multiple resolutions. The deep backlight colors indicate the tolerances to overcome reading at far distances, in poor lighting conditions, and with inexperienced operators. Software included.

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  • Set tolerances to backlights (red, green, amber)
  • SPC Cables (USB, MTI, RS232)
  • Inch/Metric Display
  • Analog Visual Display
  • Travel Reverse
  • Max./Min. Hold
  • Display Hold
  • Single gage simple data collection included
  • Floating Zero
  • Abs/Preset Measuring Hold
  • T.I.R. with high storage recall
  • Lock Combination
  • USB/AB Power Cable Included
  • Software included


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Range (in): 1"
  • Range (mm): 25mm
  • Resolution (in): .0001"
  • Resolution (mm): 0.002mm
  • SPC Output: Yes
  • Stem Diameter (in): .375"
  • Accuracy (in): (+/-) 2 Resolutions


  • PT26406 (65886)
    PT26406 Flat Back
  • PT26407 (65887)
    PT26407 Offset Lug Back
  • PT26411 (65891)
    PT26411 Adjustable Lug Back
  • PT26408 (65888)
    PT26408 Adjustable Back
  • PT26409 (65889)
    PT26409 Post-Type Back
  • PT26410 (65890)
    PT26410 Screw Bracket Back
  • PT26848 (66293)
    PT26848 Adjustable Mounting Bracket Back
  • PT26405 (65885)
    PT26405 Lifting Lever
  • PT26441 (65893)
    PT26441 Cable to RS232 Printer for 2700 Wisdom Electronic Indicator
  • PT60646 (72592)
    PT60646 Cable, 2700-800 models to Computer USB - No Foot Switch


    2700 Backlight indicator Manual (Form 988)

    User Manual for Starrett Backlight Indicator models 2700-800, 2700-801, 2700-802, 2700-803, 2700-804 and 2700-805.

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3D CAD Files / Exploded Parts Diagram

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