3821 Ultrasonic Portable Hardness Tester w/2kgf Probe, for Surfaces with Ra Below 200in, Rockwell C, B, A; Brinell; Vickers; Leeb and More 72978

The 3821 and 3822 units produce non-destructive hardness testing results and are built for the shop floor. They are effectively the same unit, differentiated by the probe type (2kg & 5 kg, respectively). The 2 Kg (3821) probe is suitable for surfaces with an Ra below 200 µin and the 5 Kg(3822) probe is suitable for surfaces with an Ra below 400 µin. The other key feature about these units is that they perform very well on thin materials. For example, it can successfully measure hardness on steel parts which are down to 0.08” (2mm) in thickness.

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  • Product Dimensions 13.7”x3.1”x5.9”, 12 lbs.
  • Both ultrasonic (UCI) and dynamic (leeb) testing in one instrument
  • Non-destructive testing
  • For thin parts down to .08” (2mm)
  • 2kg (3821) and 5kg (3822) probe
  • Extremely versatile with many options and configurations to handle all types of hardness testing applications
  • Output software included

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