386-48 Draftsmen’s Steel Straight Edge with Bevel Edge 51465

The Starrett 386 Series Draftsmen's Steel Straight Edge with Bevel Edge is thinner than the 385 series (3/32" or 2.4mm) making it easier for draftsmen to use. Available in lengths up to 72" long. It has an attractive nickel plated finish, is beveled on one edge, and has a convenient hang-hole on one end. 48” (1200mm).

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  • Regular Steel Finish
  • Quick Reading
  • Beveled on one edge
  • Convenient hole for hanging
  • 48" length
  • 2-1/8" x 3/32" width x thickness
  • Nickel plated finish


  • Length (in): 48"
  • Length (mm): 1200mm
  • Thickness (in): 3/32"
  • Thickness (mm): 2.4mm
  • Width (in): 2-1/8"
  • Width (mm): 54mm
  • Accuracy (in): ± .0002” per foot

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