Part No. 56960: 3/16" Thickness x 1" Width x 18" Length 56960

495 Oil Hardening Precision Ground Flat Stock - Oversize Tolerance
495 3/16X1X18 01 Oversize Flat Stock

AISI 01 oil hardening tool steels are dimensionally stable and can be used for all intricate work, including work with thin sections, with minimal risk of cracking.

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  • Stock is dimensionally stable - use it for the most intricate work
  • Deep hardening characteristics and fine grain structure
  • Machines freely - fully spheroidized, annealed
  • Full length identification - eliminates confusion with other steels
  • Starrett uses its own ground flat stock and die stock for many of its fine precision tool parts


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Material Type: O-1
  • Width (in): 1"
  • Thickness (in): 3/16"
  • Length (in): 18"
  • Weight (lbs): 0.96


    Precision Ground Flat Stock (Bulletin 1119)

    Bifold featuring specifications for flat stock.

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