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776B Gage-Chek Multi-Axis, Measured Value Display 68636

776 Gage-Chek and Accessories
Gage-Chek Multi-Axis, Measured Value Display

The Gage-Chek 776 is a multi-axis measured value display. It features intuitive visual display, helpful audio cues and user-defined formulas. Gage-Chek also reports dynamic Min/Max measurements, provides SPC analysis from an integrated database, and includes connectivity to PCs. Display, 180-SP, 8 input-Specto PCs.

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  • Large (6") color flat-panel LCD screen built into a compact ergonomically designed case with an adjustable tilt base
  • Supports 8 input channels. These can be mathematically combined to display dimensions such as flatness, volume or runout
  • Screens include individual readings with the capacity to display four lines simultaneously, bar and dial position style displays, graphs and SPC data
  • Supports Starrett 776 Series Heidenhain Specto style 12 and 30mm range digital probes
  • Measurements can be taken by the operator or in a semi-automated manner
  • Large comfortable buttons allow easy selection of measurement functions, display screen changes, data entry, and zeroing the screen
  • Speaker and external jack outputs can be adjusted to compensate for noisy work environments.
  • Earphones can be plugged into speaker jack for silent operation
  • Two 3" x 1/2" keys placed over the screen can be programmed as hot keys for frequently used functions
  • Optional foot switch available
  • Display Digit Size: .45"
  • Enclosure (WxHxD): 11.5"x7.5"x2.75"
  • Base Width (WxHxD): 10"x2"x .5"
  • Enclosure Weight: 3.5 lbs.
  • Base Weight: 7 lbs.
  • External Connections: Foot switch,
  • Remote Keypad, Touch Probe,
  • RS-232C Serial Port, Parallel Port
  • Outputs: 2 Relay Outputs


  • Made in America: Yes

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