91050-08-09 Duratec SFB Blade #(--edpnumber)#

Duratec SFB Carbon Band Saw Blade
08 Ft. 09 In., 1/8 x .025 x 14/RG-S-R Duratec SFB Carbon Band Saw

Duratec SFB Band Saw Blades: Made from carbon steel with a flexible back, Duratec SFB is ideal for economical cutting on easy-to-machine ferrous or nonferrous metal and wood. It is available in a wide range of widths, thickness, pitches and welded-to-length sizes for general purpose contour and straight cutting on a variety of machines.

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  • Made from special high carbon steel
  • Flexible back


  • Width (in): 1/8
  • Width (mm): 3
  • Thickness (in): .025
  • Thickness (mm): 0,65
  • Pitch (TPI): 14
  • Pitch Type: Constant
  • Tooth Shape: RG
  • Rake Angle: S
  • Set Type: R
  • Tooth Height: Constant
  • Edge Type: N/A
  • Welded Band Length (ft & in): 08-09
  • Welded Band Length (m): 2.667
  • Welded Band Length (mm): 2667

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