PT28287 Coupling Gel - 8 oz. for 3807 and 3812 Ultrasonic Thickness Gages

3812 Ultrasonic Thickness Gage
Coupling Gel - 8 oz for 3812 Ultrasonic Thickness Gage

When using the 3807 and 3812, there must be no air gaps between the wear-face and the surface of the material being measured. This is accomplished with the use of a coupling fluid, commonly called couplant. This fluid serves to couple, or transfer, the ultrasonic sound waves from the transducer, into the material, and back again. Before attempting to make a measurement, a small amount of couplant should be applied to the surface of the material being measured. Typically, a single droplet of couplant is sufficient. Coupling Gel - 8 oz.

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