Remote Measurement Display 72954

The Starrett RMS2704 offers a four (4) port multiplexer and digital display on a tablet which allows simultaneous connection of up to four (4) devices directly into flexible software for data collection. In addition, twelve (12) electronic probes and an independent automatic 4-way send switch are now available.

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  • Flexible data logging & collection (.CSV to Micro SD Card, E-mail, PC transfer) with programmable auto logging and collection.
  • Simultaneous connection of up to four devices (Indicators, Calipers, Micrometers, Probes, etc.).
  • 7" Android tablet with intuitive software application for easy process monitoring, setup, and data export.
  • Supports both Digimatic and Quadrature gage systems.
  • “Send All” or “Request All” data to/from all gages.
  • TIR, Max., Min. & Freeze Hold, Travel Reverse.
  • USB Type A & B, RS232 connection.
  • High quality, low profile enclosure.
  • Bright LED power indication.
  • IN, MM & No Units setting.
  • Programmable Ratios.
  • Four channel display.


  • User Manual
  • Data Sheet

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