S7793Z Contact and Non-Contact Digital Tachometer 68930

Contact and Non-Contact Digital Tachometer

The Starrett 7793 Contact and Non-Contact Digital Tachometer includes a tachometer, RCA, contact tips, 10cm linear contact wheel 5'. Electronic Pocket Kit w/Case, Contact Tip, 9 Volt Battery and Reflector Tape.

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  • Includes Tachometer, RCA, Contact tips, 10cm linear contact wheel 5' of T-5 reflective tape (2) "AA" batteries, latching carrying case
  • Accepts remote contact assembly
  • Accepts remote sensors (optional)
  • TTL pulse output
  • Auto ranging/fixed decimal (user selectable)
  • English and metric rates
  • Tripod mounting bushing
  • On-target and low battery indicators
  • Rugged rubberized housing
  • NIST traceable certificate of calibration included


  • Made in America: Yes


  • PT28133 (72511)
    PT28133 Assembly With Tips & Wheel For S7793Z Tachometer
  • PT28134 (72512)
    PT28134 Tips W/O-Ring For S7793Z Tachometer
  • PT28135 (72513)
    PT28135 Wheel Ct-.1M For S7793Z Tachometer
  • PT28136 (72514)
    PT28136 Reflective Tape For S7793Z Tachometer
  • PT28137 (72515)
    PT28137 Bushing 015 For S7793Z Tachometer
  • PT28138 (72516)
    PT28138 Post 016 For S7793Z Tachometer


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