S800PC Nail Set with Square-Head Set 64131

800 Square-Head Nail Sets
Steel Square-Head Nail Set, 4"/100mm Length, 1/32"/0.8mm, 1/16"/1.5mm, 3/32"/2.5mm, 1/8"/3mm, 5/32"/4mm Punch Diameter

The Starrett Square-Head Nail Set includes a set of five in protective plastic case, one each of 800A, B, C, D,E SET of 5: One each of Nos. 800A/B/C/D/E in Case.

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  • Knurled Grip for secure holding
  • Large, square head provides a large striking surface
  • Beveled end prevents breakage
  • Cupped punch surface to follow nail without sliding off
  • Hardened and Tempered
  • Made of specially selected steel
  • Punch diameter clearly marked on the head
  • Plastic Case


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Material: Steel
  • Set Quantity: 5
  • Sizes Included: 1/32",1/16",3/32",1/8",5/32"




    Catalog 33 - Section 17 - Precision Shop Tools
    The L.S. Starrett Company

    This section offers quality tools that do not measure, but are needed frequently in manufacturing. Tools such as work positioning tools, scribers, punches, vises and lubricant are an integral part of any shop or manufacturing industry.

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