SB6-A Reciprocating Saw Blade Variety Kit

Reciprocating Blade Kit
3X POWER 6'' Reciprocating saw assortment kit

3X POWER for Metal, Wood and Multi-purpose allow you to cut virtually any material with ease

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  • Engineered to perform on both cordless and corded reciprocating saw machines
  • Three varying metal saw TPI's for effortless cutting of especially thin or thick metals


  • Application Description (Material): 3X POWER - Blade Assortment Pack
  • Reciprocating Blade Codes: B66; B610; B614; B618; B624
  • Plastic Tube (5 blades): Yes
  • Master Carton Box (5 pack): Yes




    Starrett Reciprocating Saw Blades Brochure (Bulletin 673)

    Starrett 3X Power Recips set a new level of performance and value on the market. Download this brochure for more information.

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      Member of Kit
    • B66-5 B66-5 Metal Cut Reciprocating Saw Blade
    • B624-5 B624-5 Metal Cut Reciprocating Saw Blade
    • B618-5 B618-5 Metal Cut Reciprocating Saw Blade
    • B614-5 B614-5 Metal Cut Reciprocating Saw Blade
    • B610-5 B610-5 Multi-Purpose Reciprocating Saw Blade