SB6-A Reciprocating Saw Blade Variety Kit

Reciprocating Blade Kit
3X POWER 6'' Reciprocating saw assortment kit

3X POWER for Metal, Wood and Multi-purpose allow you to cut virtually any material with ease

New for 2020!
3X POWER technology reduces your changeover time, project cost, noise and vibration. Providing you an unmatched reciprocating saw experience

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  • Engineered to perform on both cordless and corded reciprocating saw machines
  • Three varying metal saw TPI's for effortless cutting of especially thin or thick metals


  • Application Description (Material): 3X POWER - Blade Assortment Pack
  • Reciprocating Blade Codes: B66; B610; B614; B618; B624
  • Plastic Tube (5 blades): Yes
  • Master Carton Box (5 pack): Yes




    Starrett Reciprocating Saw Blades Brochure (Bulletin 673)

    Starrett 3X Power Recips set a new level of performance and value on the market. Download this brochure for more information.

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