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Tire360 is a general-purpose line laser scanner that can digitize a tire from bead to bead in one revolution in one second and acquire 15 million data points (or 120 million points in 8 seconds).

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  • Line laser array - Digitizes the tire into 75,000 points across the profile
  • Encoded rotary stage - Enables 16,000 profiles per revolution
  • Variable speed motor controller - Enables high-density data scans
  • Radial and lateral stages - Permits the sensor head to be positioned to cover a wide range of tire sizes
  • Encoded radial stage - Permits diameter and circumference measurements
  • Standard wheel balancer spindle tooling - Enables quick and easy tire mounting
  • Data output in StL format - Enables export to some CAD program
  • Multi-system mounting kit - Enables measurement head to be mounted on a TTM
  • Registration fixture - Enables fast and precise automatic calibration and alignment check
  • Software:
  • - Section width
  • - Section height
  • - Crown radius
  • - TWI location
  • - TWI height
  • - Tread depth
  • - Circumference each rib


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Product Size (Width/Depth): PCR/TBR
  • Product Type: Off-Line Tire Scanner
  • Laser Classification, CDRH (with Eye Shield): 3A
  • Laser Classification, IEC (with Eye Shield): 3R
  • Low Voltage Directive: Yes
  • EMC Directive: Yes
  • Machinery Directive: Yes
  • Size Range: PCR/TBR




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