BU3DC-2 Dual Cut - Wood Cutting Jig Saw Blade 12484

Jig Saw Blade
Dual Cut 3'' x 5/16 x .060 x 9-19T, Bi-Metal, 2 Pack

75mm / 3" Dual Cutting Jig Saw Blades 2UN.

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  • Provides the ultimate surface finish on the top and the bottom of the material being cut
  • Scroll tooth featured.
  • No break out on either side of the material being cut ensures minimal chipping of any surface coating
  • Manufactured using Starrett Bi Metal Unique Saw Technology


  • Made in America: No
  • Application Description (Material): Wood Cutting - Dual Cut
  • Application Material Thickness (mm): 6 to 30
  • Application Material Thickness (in): 5/32 to 1.3/16
  • Teeth Per Inch (TPI): 9 - 19
  • Dimensions LxWxT (mm): 75 x 7.5 x 1.5
  • Dimensions LxWxT (in): 3 x 5/16 x .060"
  • Set Type: Alternate
  • Shank Type: Unified
  • Card/Blister (2 blades): Yes
  • Master Carton Box (6 pack): Yes
  • Card/Blister (5 blades): No
  • Plastic Tube (20 blades): No
  • Plastic Tube (100 blades): No


    Application Guide Jig Saw Blades (Form 959)

    Trifold application guide for jig saws, listing each product and providing a diagram of what each blade/ saw is capable of.

    Dual Cut Jig Saw Blades (Bulletin 1017)

    Dual Cut jig saw blades are the first jig saw blade with teeth that cut in both directions, virtually eliminating burrs from both sides of the cut.

Product Testimonials

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