KD2000TD1 Tile Drill Kit 12370

D Diamond Grit Hole Saw Kit
7 Piece Diamond Grit Tile Drill Kit

High performance hole saws for drilling small diameter holes in many non-metallics. These diamond edge hole saws are produced with a uniform coating of synthetic diamond grit bonded to a durable steel platform. This provides exceptional performance at high speeds and effective cutting action on brick, glass, ceramic tiles and stone. Diamond edge saws produce clean, accurate cuts and offer extended life well beyond that of conventional tools. The assortment includes six hole saws: 5mm (3/16"), 6mm (15/64"), 6.5mm (1/4"), 8mm (5/16"), 10mm (3/8"), 12mm (1/2") and one knockout pin.

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  • Manufactured with hardened heat resistant and positve rake high speed steel teeth welded to a durable alloy backing and cap
  • Exceptionally strong, safe, and shatter resistant
  • Effectively and economically cuts a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, and steel
  • Allows cutting through a depth of 2"


  • DTDG01 (12365)
    DTDG01 Tile Drill Guide
  • WCD01 (12366)
    WCD01 Cooling Dispenser


    Starrett Hole Saw Application Guide (Form 958)

    Information to guide the product and operating speeds to maximize your productivity with Starrett Hole Saws.

    Hole Saw Speed Card (Bulletin 194)
    L.S Starrett Comapny

    Pocket sized card featuring correct speeds for hole saws.



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