The new Starrett 3X POWER Recip Blades combine increased longevity with a new tooth design for a quicker cut that will last. Each blade has a reinforced shank for additional dependability and safety. Find the new 3X POWER blades online here:

An overview of how to update the Firmware on your Starrett DFC or DFG Handheld Force Gage.

The Starrett DFC and DFG Handheld Force Gages offer a flipped display for testing.

The Starrett DFC and DFG Handheld Force Gages have multiple display modes available for testing.

A quick guide to navigation on the Starrett DFC and DFG Handheld Force Gages.

Check out our new NVP Deep Cut Hole Saws in action! What sets this saw above is the New Variable Pitch (NVP), which uses unique tooth geometry to cut more material in less time. The result is a smoother, cleaner cut – which means less time cleaning burrs and more time cutting holes. True to the name, it has an exceptional cutting depth of 2” (51mm) to conquer a variety of thick materials. Learn more here:

Scenes from our Manufacturing Day tour at Starrett headquarters in Athol, Massachusetts, USA. This year, visitors followed a 230 Micrometer through the factory from start to finish.

The Starrett SR400/300 Surface Roughness Testers are full-featured, powerful and versatile surface roughness testers. They can be used either freestanding or bench mounted with fixturing for batch measurement and laboratory applications.