The AVX550 is an all-new designed large format CNC multi-sensor inspection system, offering an inspection envelope of 22”x 16”x 10” (550mm x 400mm x 250mm) on the X-Y-Z axes. New to the AVX550 is the option to configure dual camera inputs, allowing the user to make measurements on both the macro and micro levels without changing lenses or recalibrating.

With unprecedented range, scalability and data security, multiple gateways, compact size and high speed, DataSure 4.0 has taken data collection to a new level. The new Starrett DataSure 4.0 System operates on the latest wireless networking technology that uses short-wave radio frequencies to interconnect cell phones, computers and wireless electronic devices, enabling much faster speed, greater bandwidth and longer range for higher data throughput.

The AVR FOV 0.14 is ideal for repetitive measurements and automatic comparison to CAD files, with dedicated 0.14x telecentric optics, Metlogixâ„¢ M3 software with Superimage technology and user friendly part regonition programming.

Using a Starrett FMM Series Frame and L2 Plus Software, an extraction/insertion test is conducted to measure the force needed to draw and expel liquid with a syringe.

Get a smooth, desirable cut through Plexiglass using the Starrett BU36T Jig Saw Blade or a Starrett Carbide Tipped Hole Saw.

The top load of several plastic bottles are tested using an FMS Series Force Measurement Machine and L2 PLUS Software by Starrett.

The Starrett Spring Rotary Table allows for the pass/fail testing of multiple springs, as well as detail information gathering, including free length, spring rate, and critical load and distance points.

Starrett Force Measurement Systems can conduct a trigger pull test to measure the force needed to pull the trigger of a firearm. Repeatability allows for graph comparison and quality control.