At IMTS 2022, Practical Machinist’s Machine Shop Talk host Ian Sandusky interviews Tim Cucchi, Starrett Precision Hand Tools Production Manager. Tim demonstrates automated wireless measurement data capture and transmission from handheld wireless/ electronic gages via the new DataSure® 4.0 Wireless Data Collection System, and unveils approximately 50 new wireless and electronic precision gages including the 2900 Series Electronic Digital Indicators.

How to connect and reset bore gage with DataSure 4.0

Intenss blades are ideal for the MRO market. See their versatility and durability in action!

Starrett the world's largest saw manufacturer.

Designed for the MRO Market, Intenss Band Saw Blades offer generous power. Intenss cuts sheets, carbon steel solids and structurals, aluminum, copper, brass, cast iron, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.

3X POWER Recip Blades can cut a wider variety of materials than cut-off wheels, as well as provide many benefits for the operator such as reduced exposure to vibration and high-decibel noise.

3X POWER Reciprocating Saw Blades go head-to-head with a Diablo Steel Demon and DeWalt High Performance abrasive cut-off wheel to compare the performance and longevity of each tool.

Spend more time cutting and less time changing your cut-off wheels when you use a 3X POWER Reciprocating Saw Blade instead.