Painted T436.1 Micrometers

American Pride and Camouflage theme are available in 0-1", 1-2", 2-3" and 3-4" micrometers, or you can get the whole set.

Painted Mics - American Pride - Camouflage

Set yourself apart with a custom T436.1 Starrett Micrometer. These limited special edition micrometers and micrometer sets are available in American Pride or Camouflage paint. Made proudly in Athol, Massachusetts, USA. Get yours today before they're gone.


American Pride

SAPT436.1XRLZ (800w)
APT436.1XRL-1e60396cUSp1 (400w)
APT436.1XRL-2e60397cUSp1 (400w)


SCFT436.1XRLZ (800w)
CFT436.1XRL-1e60398cUSp1 (400w)
CFT436.1XRL-2e60399cUSp1 (400w)

Please note:

Through our custom painting process, each micrometer will look a little different from the next. Though the micrometer you receive may not look exactly like the one pictured here, be assured that your micrometer is one of a kind.