Tru-Stone’s main focus is delivering custom products that solve your precision base needs. We collaborate with engineers to understand your needs and add the value of our experience to optimize designs for price and performance.

DESIGN COLLABORATION     The experienced professionals at Tru-Stone Technologies will transform your design into a finished product. Starting from new concept or mature design, small part or large assembly, simple requirements or complex needs, the experienced professionals at Tru-Stone will help provide a high quality, efficient design. Our broad knowledge of materials, precision finishing, and assembly methods coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment stand ready to transform your design to a finished product.

You can share your design ideas in a variety of electronic formats including DWG, DXF, SLDW, PDF, JPG, or simply fax in a sketch. Your intellectual property is safe with us. Tru-Stone engineers take confidentiality very seriously so you don’t have to worry about seeing your design ideas showing up in a competitor’s product. Call (800) 959-0517 or (320) 251-7171, Fax (320) 259-5073, or Email

MATERIALS OPTIONS & CONSULTATION    Tru-Stone Technologies will provide customized solutions to your unique needs. Most other granite suppliers work only in granite so they try to solve all of your needs with granite. While granite is our primary material at Tru-Stone, we have evolved to utilizing many other materials including porous or dense ceramic, carbon fiber, and even metals to provide solutions to your unique needs. Tru-Stone engineers will work with you to select the optimal material for your application. Tru-Stone leads the industry in quality and capability to provide the right foundation for your precision assemblies. Call (800) 959-0517 or (320) 251-7171, Fax (320) 259-5073, or Email

ASSEMBLY INTEGRATION     Tru-Stone Technologies can also provide you with next-level assembly to provide accountability for accurate performance. In addition to collaborating on the design and build of your machine foundation, Tru-Stone technicians are skilled at value-added assembly. Using precision equipment in our assembly laboratories, we can provide you with the next-level assembly, such as adding bearing rails, encoder rails, screw drives, stages, or vibration damping devices. Having this assembly done at our factory provides accountability for accurate performance.