Why Choose Granite for Machine Bases and Metrology Components?

Granite is a type of igneous rock quarried for its extreme strength, density, durability, and resistance to corrosion. But granite is also very versatile– it’s not just for squares and rectangles! In fact, Starrett Tru-Stone confidently works with granite components engineered in shapes, angles, and curves of all variations on a regular basis—with excellent outcomes.

Through our state of the art processing, cut surfaces can be exceptionally flat. These qualities make granite the ideal material to create custom-size and custom-design machine bases and metrology components. Granite is:

  • machineable
  • precisely flat when cut and finished
  • rust resistant
  • durable
  • long lasting

Granite components are also easy to clean. When creating custom designs, be sure to choose granite for its superior benefits.

The granite utilized by Tru-Stone for our standard surface plate products has high quartz content, which provides greater resistance to wear and damage. Our Superior Black and Crystal Pink colors have low water absorption rates, minimizing the possibility of your precision gages rusting while setting on the plates. The colors of granite offered by Tru-Stone result in less glare, which means less eyestrain for individuals using the plates. We have chosen our granite types while considering thermal expansion in an effort to keep this aspect minimal.

When your application calls for a plate with custom shapes, threaded inserts, slots or other machining, you’ll want to select a material like Black Diabase. This natural material offers superior stiffness, excellent vibration dampening, and improved machinability.

For more information about granite and the benefits of granite, visit our FAQ section or our technical assistance page.