Individual Gage Blocks

All Starrett-Webber gage blocks meet or exceed all known specifications. The flatness, parallelism and surface finish necessary to achieve the required accuracies are the same as or better than government requirements.

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Precision gage blocks are the primary standards vital to dimensional quality control in the manufacture of parts. The four major characteristics that are necessary for a precision gage block are accuracy, surface finish, wear resistance and dimensional stability. Other factors are corrosion resistance, hardness, thermal conductivity and coefficient of  expansion.

The base material used for gage blocks is crucial in meeting the above criteria. While many materials have been tried, the major types available today are:

• Traditional high-grade steel gage blocks, which are generally used in shop floor environments
• Tungsten Carbide gage blocks, which have the advantage of being harder and longer wearing than steel (Not available  from Starrett-Webber)
• Ceramic gage blocks will outwear regular steel and will not corrode
• Chromium Carbide gage blocks are considered the top of the line; the finest available. They outwear regular steel and ceramic. In addition, they will not corrode, are very stable and accurate, and have exceptional "wringing" qualities.