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Here you will find some of the companies that are followed by Starrett staff, who are Starrett Partners, and who are well-known companies and individuals that rely on Starrett tools to achieve excellence in their operations.

Roush Yates

Roush Yates Engines was formed in 2003 by Robert Yates, Jack Roush, and Doug Yates with the leadership of Ford Motor Company to create a world-class race engine company that would compete at the highest levels of the Motorsports Industry.

Adam Booth - ABOM79

A 3rd generation machinist who openly shares experiences and adventures that educate and entertain us all!

Jimmy Diresta

We think of Jimmy as one of the greatest industrial artist on the planet. His slogan is "I make fun." A side affect on consuming Jimmy Diresta's brand of fun is that you will also gain insights into manufacturing.

Cold Hard Art

Explore the world of Tom Patsis - A master fabricator with a side passion for art. Tom combines creativity and and skill to create fascinating projects.

Puyallup Extrication

Vehicle & Heavy Rescue Extrication Training