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We have been manufacturing tools in the United States since our founding in 1880. Learn more about Starrett's U.S. Footprint - Facilities and the tools manufactured there today. Order a free copy of our "Made In America" Brochure.
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Starrett re-invents the Indicator

Introducing the W4900 Touchscreen Electronic INdicator

Starrett has invented a new indicator that combines capability, accuracy, durability and versatility with an ease of use that will blow you away. Indicators with lots of features are common. This is the only one with an intuitive interface that will help you work faster and frustration-free.
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Welded Band Saw Blades now sold on


Top reasons to order Band Saw Blades on

  • More than 40,000 welded blades to choose from on this site
  • Very competitive blade prices
  • Visa, MasterCard and American Express Accepted
  • Flat shipping charge $ 5.00 plus applicable taxes – No hidden charges

Click the link below to learn more!

Selection of Starrett Blades
Jobs Available!

Join Team Starrett

Whether you are just starting out on your career path, or possess skills and experience that will contribute to The World's Greatest Tool Makers, consider joining the Starrett team! Click here for a list of jobs available, or to share your information and interest so that we might match your goals with an opportunity.
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The World's Most Secure and Scalable

Wireless Data Collection System

DataSure 4.0 can be customized for the size of your operation so you get exactly what you need without sacrificing security. The new range of Starrett Wireless Tools connects directly to the system, and tools with SPC output can connect by attaching an end node. And with Free Software, Datasure 4.0 is the safest and least expensive way to get your measurements directly into your SPC Software.
Collection of Datasure 4.0 components

2900 Electronic Indicators

Introducing the Starrett 2900 Electronic Indicator - the ultimate tool for precision measurement. With its advanced electronic technology, this indicator offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Whether you're working in a machine shop or a manufacturing facility, the Starrett 2900 Electronic Indicator is the perfect tool for your needs. So why settle for anything less than the best? Get your hands on the Starrett 2900 Electronic Indicator today and experience the difference for yourself!

2900 electronic indicator
World's Largest Band Saw Manufacturer

Unleash Precision: Starrett Intenss Band Saw Blade

Cut with Confidence: Starrett Intenss Band Saw Blade - Engineered for Exceptional Performance!
Intenss Band Saw Blades cutting round bar stock
Starrett MeatKutter Band Saw Blade

Effortless Meat Cutting:

Experience the ultimate in meat cutting efficiency with the Starrett MeatKutter Band Saw Blade. Specially designed for the meat processing industry, this blade features a unique tooth geometry that minimizes waste and maximizes yield.

If you're looking for a blade that can handle the toughest cuts with ease, look no further than the Starrett MeatKutter Band Saw Blade.

meatkutter premium band saw blade cutting meat
Introducing NEW

3X POWER Reciprocating Saw Blades

Get more life out of your blade with the Starrett 3X POWER Reciprocating Saw Blades. Each blade has a reinforced shank for enhanced dependability and a new tooth pattern that will increase your cutting speed while reducing vibration. Learn more below.
Reciprocating saw blade cutting pipe
For Production Environments...

Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades

Ideal for cutting extremely hard, abrasive materials. Withstands extreme cutting pressures and offers a high resistance to wear and fatigue.
carbide tipped band saw blade cutting inconel

3900A Electronic Indicators

These new indicators are part of our global series. They are Starrett-produced for those who want legendary Starrett accuracy and reliability at a budget price point.
Special Savings!

Today's Deals

Check out our specially priced items with limited availability – Available first come, first served while supplies last!

A big pile of money you can save today
Starrett Event:

Manufacturing Day 2023 In Review

Starrett opened its doors to students, educators and community members to explore the world of modern manufacturing in-person for Manufacturing Day 2023, a national annual event sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers.

Participants learned about a range of exciting opportunities in manufacturing innovation and  technology:

  • CNC programming
  • Robotics automation
  • 3D modeling
  • Drafting
  • Industry 4.0
  • Training & development

Starrett also provides private tours for individuals, small and large groups throughout the year.

Resource Articles 

July 3, 2023 @ Band Saw Blades

Tube and Pipe Sawing: Varying Applications Demand Different Solutions

An overview of factors that affect blade performance and end results when cutting tubes, profiles and bundles.
May 2, 2023 @ Hardness Testers

Hardness Testers ‒ Know Your Options for Best Results.

Understanding the different hardness testing types and systems can be useful to determine an optimal solution. Hardness testing functionality has evolved and now users can dial into world-class caliber instrumentation which more closely aligns with their applications at hand.
May 1, 2023 @ Data Collection

SME Aerospace & Defense Yearbook

The latest data collection systems are designed to dependably and accurately acquire precision measurement data in an extensive range of applications and distances.
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Tips for Successful Hole Sawing

Tips and guidelines for selecting and using hole saws for best results and highest productivity.
May 2, 2023 @ Band saw blades

Tips on Specifying a Carbide-Tipped Band Saw Blade

May 4, 2023 @ Band Saw Blades

Sawing Starts With the Material

All materials present unique cutting issues. Understanding the material characteristics before starting to cut presents the best opportunity to achieve the longest band saw blade life and production results.
May 3, 2023 @ Reciprocating Saw Blades

Recip Blades - A Better Alternative For Tube & Pipe Cutoff

3X Power Recip blades offer a safer and more economical solution for cutting tube and pipes compared to cut-off wheels.
May 2, 2023 @ Reciprocating Saw Blades

Dialing in your Power X3: How to Choose the Correct Reciprocating Blade

May 3, 2023 @ Band Saw Blades

Importance of Systematic Documented Cost Savings in Band Saw Applications

Dedicating some time to run cost savings tests can result in dramatic savings that can protect your company in a virulent market or increase cash on hand for further growth and investments.
May 4, 2023 @ Data Collection

Data Collection Evolves

A history of Data Collection leading to today's advanced solutions, and a comparison of 3 different methods of measuring and recording.
May 2, 2023 @ Precision Hand Tools

Precision Measuring Tools & Gages Primer

Basic Requirements for QC
May 2, 2023 @ Precision Hand Tools

Getting the Best out of Bore Gages

Data Collection Capability, Careful Selection and Use are Key.
May 2, 2023 @ Precision Hand Tools, Data Collection

5 Strategies to Optimize QC by Using Wireless Gages and Data Collection Systems

Wireless Data Collection software systems working in conjunction with wireless electronic gages can increase productivity, reduce errors, provide full documentation and automate the acquisition process.
May 2, 2023 @ Gage Blocks, Surface Plates

Gaging is Baseless Without Standards.

Primary Standards play vital role for producing consistent, accurate gaging results.
May 2, 2023 @ Special Gage Division

Special Gage Solutions Optimize Measurement for Many  Unique Applications

Even with the availability of hundreds of standard precision tools and gages, sometimes measuring challenges are best solved with a specially made gage.
May 2, 2023 @ Special Gage Division

You’ve made it, but can you inspect it?

Scoped out correctly and at the right juncture, sometimes the only inspection solution is a custom gage.
May 2, 2023 @ Precision Hand Tools

How Digital Indicators Work

The primary components of an electronic indicator and what they do.
May 15, 2023 @ Precision Hand Tools

The World of Indicators

Since the late 1880s, indicators still play an important role in manufacturing. As they have advanced over the years, the initial concept of the indicator still holds true --a need to measure small measurements and angles
May 4, 2023 @ Precision Hand Tools

Outsourcing Gage Calibration - A Sensible Approach.

When Facing Calibration There are Many Factors to Consider to Ensure Accurate, Reliable and Cost-Effective Servicing.
May 2, 2023 @ Band Saw Blades

Why and How to Break-In Band Saw Blades

Proper break-in of a saw blade will improve blade performance and service life.


July 1, 2024

New W4900 Touch Screen Indicator

By: The L.S Starrett Company
Starrett announces W4900 - The world's first full-capability touchscreen electronic indicator that delivers an unparalleled combination of versatility, performance, accuracy and ease of use.
March 28, 2024 | Welded-to-Length band saw blades now available on

Band Saw Blades now available on

By: The L.S. Starrett Company
Now available on - welded-to-length band saw blades. With a huge selection, aggressive price and low shipping charges, ordering band saw blades directly on Starrett's website is a great option.
March 11, 2024


By: John Tripp
The L.S. Starrett Company (“Starrett” or the “Company”) (NYSE: SCX) today announced that it has entered into a definitive merger agreement in a go-private transaction with an affiliate of MiddleGround Capital (“MiddleGround”) in an all-cash transaction for $16.19 per share. The purchase price represents an approximately 63% premium to the closing stock price of the Company’s stock on March 8, 2024, the last trading day prior to announcing the transaction.
July 1, 2023 | New Band Saw Blade for Structurals, Pipes, Tubes and Bundles

Introducing High Productivity TENNAX™-PRO Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades for Structural Cutting

By: Charlie Starrett
New TENNAX™-PRO Band Saw Blades increases performance by 25% on tubes, pipes, structurals and bundles.