Precision Rules, Straight Edges & Parallels

Precision Rules, Straight Edges & Parallels help an end user directly measure, layout, fixture, and do other support work related to linear dimensioning to accomplish a job.

Precision Rules, Straight Edges & Parallels

Starrett Rules, Straight Edges & Parallels are the most precise and durable precision rules available. The sharpness of graduations, readability, and the overall quality of our rules are without equal. Our comprehensive line offers you a choice of temper, 10 English and 8 metric graduation styles, several width and thickness options, and lengths to 144” or more. Starrett straight edges and parallels are made with the same care and accuracy as our precision rules.

Precision Rules

The Starrett Steel rule is the basic measuring tool from which many other tools have been developed.

Precision Rule Accessories

Precision Rule Accessories support Precision Rules, Straight Edges, and Parallels.

Straight Edges

Straight edges are precision edges that are used to compare the straightness of an opposing surface, do precision layout, and play other supporting roles.


Parallels are adjustable and non-adjustable high-grade steel blocks with precision ground parallel edges used for activities like precision spacing.