Straight Edges

Precision edges that are used to compare straightness of an opposing surface, do precision layout, and play other supporting roles when straightness of a surface is of concern.


• 380 Steel Straight Edges
• 385 Steel Straight Edges with Bevel Edge
• 387 Steel Straight Edges with Bevel and Graduated Edge

These straight edges are precision ground and nicely finished to rigid Starrett standards. They are unexcelled for drawing or scribing straight lines and checking surfaces for straightness. Their thickness and design permit them to retain shape and accuracy, but still be portable and easy to handle. The 380 Straight Edge is not beveled or graduated. The 385 straight edge is beveled one edge, but not graduated. The 387 straight edge has one edge that is both beveled and graduated in 32nds of an inch. The 380 and 385 Straight Edges in sizes 36" and longer are marked with arrows at two suspension points. If the straight edges are brought to the work and used on edge, they should be suspended at these two points to minimize deflection. Most jobs involve the use of straight edges in the flat position – and it is in this position that we check most stringently.