Data Collection Systems

Data collection systems enable end users to collect critical measurement data for fast documentation, process improvements, SPC Analysis, and machine controlling.

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Starrett has the solutions to bring Industry 4.0 to your operations!

Data collection is an increasingly important part of manufacturing, and one of the main drivers in the movement toward electronic measuring tools with output. At the top of the Starrett line, DataSure Wireless Data Collection is a state-of-the-art system for real-time collection and recording of measurement data. From measurement to input, it reduces steps, saves time and can totally eliminate error in the data collection process.

Starrett also offers a complete range of solutions for both wireless and wire-based data collection. Browse through our selection. When you are ready to implement Data Collection, Starrett is ready to deliver solutions and support.

DataSure 4.0

With unprecedented range, scalability and data security, multiple gateways, compact size and high for harsh manufacturing environments.


Software is available for the Datasure Wireless system, Bluetooth Wireless, and hard-wired output connections.

Wireless Precision Hand Tools

This selection of tools has built-in wireless functionality for securely sending measurements to SPC software and other applications.

Precision Tools with SPC Output

Tools with output all represent potential components for your data collection processes. This collection features are Starrett tools with SPC Output.

Remote Displays

Advanced digital readouts designed to provide accurate and reliable measurement readings in industrial and laboratory applications.


Products and services range from standard surface plates and metrology accessories to engineering collaboration for unique solutions and complex assemblies.

Cables and Probes

These accessories connect and enhance data collection components.

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