Precision Shop Tools

With only a few exceptions, this section offers Starrett quality tools that do not measure. They are critical tools that are needed frequently in manufacturing environments like metalworking.

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These are tools needed frequently in manufacturing, such as; a variety of scribers and die for layout, a wide choice of punches, precise small screwdrivers, tap wrenches, a toolmakers hammer, jaw cut nippers, M1 All-Purpose lubricant, tool and instrument oil, and other products. Work positioning tools include center finders, a wiggler/center finder set, jack screws, several magnetic and non-magnetic v-blocks, clamps, pin vises, small setup vises, hold downs, precision angle blocks, bench blocks, and 1-2-3 setup blocks.

Surface Gages

Surface Gages are primarily used to extend reference surfaces from it's precision ground base. These gages are typically used in conjunction with a direct measuring tool to transfer a dimension either to or from a work piece.


Scribers are typically used to identify features locations on a work piece. The act of "scribing" consists of physically marking a relatively precise line, circle, arc, or angle by scratching the surface.

Kleenscribe™ Layout Dye

Deep blue, quick-drying dye for clean, dry metal surfaces.

Edge & Center Finders

Edge & Center Finders are used in the traditional method of locating a spindle relative to a work piece. Spindle location is required in order to correctly make part features.

Punches & Sets

Starrett punches are of the highest quality on earth. As simply as they are, punches are designed for specific applications. The drives are heat treated and seasoned to absorb repetitive shock.

Screwdrivers & Sets

Starrett screwdrivers are Made in USA and built with craftsmanship. They are used for a variety of applications, especially in fine & delicate work.

Tap Wrenches

A tap wrench used in combination with a drill tap is the traditional method to tapping (threading) a hole. This traditional method continues to be a preferred tapping method for when precision tapping is required.

Pin Vises & Sets

Pin vises are tool holding devices that allow small tools to be held in place with positive acting jaws (think mini-chuck) with interchangeability depending on the effective diameters of the tool itself.

Vise & Clamps

Vise and clamps are another category of work holding tools. Vises and clamps secure work so that machine operations can be executed correctly. A moving part will yield incorrect part dimensions.

Precision Blocks and Angle Plates

Fixturing solutions including Standard and Heavy Duty Bench Blocks and Angle Plates


V-Blocks are work holding tools that improve an operators ability to properly hold down a work piece. The sides, base, and contact surface must be precision ground so that the work piece can have reliable and sometimes repeatable reference surfaces.

Jack Screws

Jack screws support work pieces. The jack screws create mechanical advantage by translating rotational motion into linear motion via a screw.

Adjustable-Jaw Cut Nippers

Special design provides powerful leverage for efficient and clean cutting. Especially recommended for all applications involving wire cutting.

Sine Bar

For precise angular measurements or face locate any working surface to a given angle.

Toolmakers' Hammer

Faster, easier and more accurate spotting and punching of centerlines and intersections is now possible with the this tool.