Starrett Surface Plates and Accessories provide the perfect work surface for your measurements.

Explore Surface Plates and Accessories

Starrett manufactures market-leading Surface Plates and ancillary granite solutions and accessories for many industrial applications including metrology, toolmaking, and mechanical engineering. The granite products are made from high-quality materials, hand-lapped to achieve a precise flatness tolerance, and feature threaded inserts for easy mounting. Available in a range of sizes and grades, Starrett Surface Plates and Accessories provide an essential tool for accurate measurement and inspection in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and defense.

Precision Surface Plates

Starrett Precision Granite Surface Plates provide a reference plane for work inspection and for work layout. They are also ideal bases for mounting sophisticated mechanical, electronic and optical gaging systems.

Surface Plate Accessories

Surface Plate Stands are constructed from welded square steel tubing to provide exceptional strength and durability. Steel crossbeams are located at the proper support points to ensure maximum surface plate accuracy.

Toolmakers Flats

These handy flats are small precision surface plates that are ideal for many inspection and checking uses throughout the plant. They are especially well suited for layout work and offer an easy, portable reference for gaging small parts. Offered in Crystal Pink® or Black Granite, Starrett Toolmakers' Flats are 12" long x 8" wide x 2" thick (300 x 200 x 50mm) and finished to an overall tolerance of .0001" (0.0025mm).

Five-Face Master Squares

Five-Face Granite Master Squares are popular for accurately checking the X-Y-Z axes on CNC machine tools and coordinate measuring machines. Lying in the horizontal position, the X and Y axes can be checked for 90º squareness. Five-face master squares may also be used on any work that requires the checking of squareness or parallelism.

Granite Tri-Squares

Three-Face Granite Tri-Squares provide an excellent, economical way for accurately checking the X-Y-Z axes on CNC machine tools and coordinate measuring machines.

Granite Angle Plates

Angle plates provide a convenient and practical means of clamping and holding work in a vertical position. Their excellent finish and flatness make them very compatible for use with granite surface plate accuracies. The angle plates are available with either 2 or 4 finished faces. The 2-face angle plate has the bottom and the adjacent square face finished flat and square to one another. The 4-face is similar to the 2-face, but has the two adjacent sides finished flat and square to the other two faces, as well as being parallel to each other.

Granite Straight Edges

Straight edges are produced from pink granite, as are all of our accessories. Straight edges have a single long, narrow face finished flat. Laboratory grade AA accuracy is .000025” per 6” and inspection grade A accuracy is .000050” per 6”. Lifting holes are provided on sizes 48” or larger.

Granite Parallels

Produced in four standard sizes, Granite Parallels are useful in setting up work on surface plates and machine tables. They can also be used to elevate work above the surface of a plate to enable quick and easy inspection of piece parts with shoulders or steps. Available in matched pairs, finished flat and parallel on two opposite narrow faces or all four faces. Parallels are sold in matched pairs. Single parallels available by request. Storage cases are available at extra cost.


Precision granite cubes are used for alignment and measuring parallelism and perpendicularity of machining centers or coordinate measuring machines. Our cubes are finished flat, square and parallel on all six sides. Available in two grades: Grade AA (.000025”/6”) and Grade A (.000050”/6”).


V-Blocks are ideal for supporting or holding cylindrical pieces during manufacturing or inspection. They are provided in matched pairs and have 5 finished faces. V-blocks have a nominal 90-degree “V”, centered with and parallel to the bottom and two sides and square to the ends. V-Blocks are available in either laboratory grade AA (+/- .000050” per 6”) or inspection grade A (+/- .000100” per 6”).

Surface Plate Cleaner

To keep surface plates and other precision granite products in top condition.


The Planekator measures the overall flatness of your surface plate. It enables you to take direct indicator readings of your surface plate with autocollimator-accuracy, but without the complicated mathematics of the autocollimator. When used in conjunction with a Starrett Repeat Reading Gage, you'll have a very accurate idea of the flatness of your surface plate.

Repeat-O-Meter Reading Gage

High-precision, fast checking of surface plate repeatability with readings taken with a dial indicator. Detects local error, not overall flatness. The base has an adjustment knob for zero-setting the cartridge-type gaging head, and all contact points resting on the granite, including the contact point of the gaging cartridge, are carbide and lapped to a fine finish.