Gage Blocks

Starrett Webber Gage Blocks deliver the accuracy and durability that professionals rely upon.

Explore Gage Blocks

Choose from a complete range of globally recognized Starrett-Webber gage blocks includes: High-grade steel gage blocks for shop floor use, longer-lasting and non-corroding ceramic blocks. Top-of-the-line croblox® Chromium Carbide, are very stable, non-corrosive and have excellent wringability. A variety of sets are available in square- and rectangular-block versions. Individual replacement blocks and a range of related accessories are also available.

Gage Blocks and Sets

Inch and metric, square and rectangular croblox®, ceramic and steel gage block and sets.

Heavy Duty Gage Blocks

Heavy-duty gage block and accessories deliver the ability to assemble components to build exclusive custom Webber fixtures.

Gage Block Accessories

A wide selection of jaws, clamps, points and other accessories is available for square and rectangular gage blocks. These accessories in concert with gage blocks provide the means for creating custom measuring solutions.

Gage Block Accessory Sets

Convenient sets of accessories are available for creating custom measuring solutions with individual gage blocks.

Angle Gage Block Sets

Angle Gage Blocks permit fast, simple and accurate measurements of any angle. They are far superior to sine bar measuring methods, that involve trigonometric formulae and complex stacks of gage blocks.

Standard Reference Bars

Standard Reference Bars are used in checking table movement of machine tools, accuracy of Vernier height gages, surface plate transfer measurement, and final inspection of precision machine tools.

True Squares

True squares are designed for fast, precision indexing with angle gage blocks. All faces of Webber True Squares are at precisely 90º to adjacent sides, with perfect optical flatness and parallelism to permit use with autocollimators.

Reflecting Cubes

Stable and maintenance free, reflecting cubes are ideal for 90° indexing or alignment in optical tooling or inspection. Reflectivity: 55% in the visible spectrum and >80% at 10.6 microns.

Optical Polygons

Chrome Carbide Polygons are indispensable optical tools for checking angles and flatness.

Fused Quartz Optical Flats

For visually checking the flatness of seals, gages and mating surfaces. Through means of interpreting light interference patterns or bands, the optical flat provides a simple, accurate precision method for measuring surface flatness.

Gage Block Stones

If a block does not wring together with other blocks, it may be the result of nicks or other damage. Examine blocks carefully with a magnifying glass. If a small burr is found, it may be removed with a gage block stone.

Chamois Cloths

These Starrett-Webber synthetic chamois cloths, rather than natural chamois, are recommended for wiping gage surfaces.