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Starrett offers free tours in conjunction with national events, and also on demand. Interested in manufacturing or local history? Wondering what it might be like to work at Starrett? Get in touch - We'd love to share the Starrett experience with you!

Manufacturing Day 2023 in Review at Starrett - Athol, Massachusetts

Manufacturing Day 2023 In Review

Professional Services

Starett tours start in a huge professional services tent where product demonstrations on combination squares, micrometers, indicators and many other precision hand tools are on display. Departmental personnel including Training, HR, R&D, design engineers, CAD/CAM programmers, Sales & Marketing, and more share information on their Starrett responsibilities and experience.

Manufacturing Day 2023 In Review

Plant Tour

During the factory tour, Starrett tour guides will walk you through the plant. You’ll see how Starett tools are manufactured first-hand. Your guide will explain the processes, and provide detailed information on the machinery, automation, production and quality processes, and answer any questions that might come to mind.

Manufacturing Day 2023 In Review

Starrett Museum

See early tools, artwork and correspondence dating back to 1880 in the Starrett Museum, which includes a rich and interesting history of the company and its progress through generations.

Manufacturing Day 2023 in Review

Gifts, Refreshments, Contests and Photos

Each visitor receives a free collection of Starrett goodies, drinks and snacks. And there is a photo opportunity as a keepsake from your experience. Finally, there are options to participate in contests to win free Starrett products!


This event will take place in October 2024. Experience an American tradition here at our historic factory in Athol and build your future with Starrett, where you will learn about an exciting range of opportunities in manufacturing innovation and technology, including:

  • CNC programming and operation
  • Robotics automation
  • 3D modeling
  • Drafting
  • Industry 4.0
  • Training and development

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Starrett will happily accommodate requests year-round for private tours. Whether individual, small or large groups, our team will work with you to arrange a date and time, and will provide you with a guided tour of the Athol campus year-round.

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