Band Saw Blades

Starrett band saw blades deliver superior cutting performance. The wide stock product range delivers the right blade for your application based on price, application, work piece material, and performance goals. Whether you are an occasional user with a single machine, or a production facility cutting all day, every day - Starrett's got your blade!

The world's Largest Saw Blade Manufacturer

Starrett band saw blades are premium cutting tools designed for precision and durability. Made from high-quality materials and engineered to meet the demands of the most challenging cutting applications, these blades offer exceptional performance and longevity.

Available in a wide range of sizes, tooth configurations, and materials, Starrett band saw blades are suitable for cutting a variety of materials, including metal, wood, plastics, and composites. With advanced features like bi-metal construction, tooth hardness optimization, and superior blade geometry, Starrett band saw blades are the ideal choice for professionals who demand the best.


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