Band Saw Blades for Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO)

To keep your business moving, you need a single blade that can cut just about anything, and it needs to be prices right and readily available. The blades listed below are commonly used in MRO. 

If you need additional assistance in choosing the ideal blade for your specific needs, please feels free to contact us for assistance. With a short description of your application, we can often guide users to the ideal blade via a phone call or email. If your requirements are critical, we have technical support personnel that can handle the toughest questions, and field personnel that can be deployed to your facility to solve your application needs.



Tough and versatile, Intenss bi-metal band saw blades are recommended for cutting Carbon Steel, Carbon Steel alloys, Cast Iron, Copper Alloys and Aluminum. Ideal for tool rooms and maintenance shops with varied cutting operations.

Portaband Blades - Univerz™

Univerz™ Portaband portable band saw blades feature the Starrett bi-metal unique® technology. The blades are pre-welded, ready to use, and available in lengths that fit all the popular portable band saw machines.