Intenss PRO-VTH is a high performance bi-metal blade with a unique tooth edge that generates faster cuts with less pressure.

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Its triple tempered and M-42 cobalt ground HSS teeth have variable height and set that allows the blade to cut with a fast, pulsating action. Ideal for production cutting of exotic and nickel based alloys.

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  • Uniquely designed tooth edge with variable height and set
  • Positive rake, ground teeth


  • Easy penetration for faster cuts
  • Excellent heat and wear resistance
  • Pulsating action allow the teeth to penetrate, resulting in faster cuts


  • Tool steel and high-speed steel
  • Stainless steels
  • Aluminum bronze alloys
  • For machines with hydraulic feed control
  • Ideal for cutting all steels and non-ferrous metals up to 40 HRC

Applications - Intenss PRO-VTH

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1" x .035"
3-4 TPI
4-6 TPI

1-1/4" x .042"
3-4 TPI
2" x .063"
1.4-2 TPI
3-1/8" x .063"
1-1.2 TPI

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