Tread Wear Measurement System (CTWIST )

A way to measure and characterize tread wear to better understand wear behavior.

Tread Wear Measurement System (CTWIST )

Tire designers are challenged to develop new tread patterns and compounds that deliver longer tread life and more uniform tread wear. Starrett-Bytewise partnered with Ford Motor Company and several leading OEM tire makers to develop CTWIST as a way to measure and characterize tread wear so the designers could better understand wear behavior. With the CTWIST process, new tires are scanned after break-in, then periodically scanned during the wear cycles. CTWIST predicts the tread life for each rib, and produces several tread wear reports to help the designer understand where improvements are needed. CTWIST utilizes a non-contacting high-speed laser sensor to collect about 1,000,000 measuring points in less than 5 minutes.


Features and Specifications

  • Tread Depth Profile Report shows the tread depth profile for each wear cycle
  • Heel/Toe Wear Report shows the heel-toe wear profile across the tread
  • Irregular Wear Report shows a 3D color map of the tread loss
  • Tread Loss Report shows the tread loss profile across the tread
  • Tread Life Mileage Projection shows the predicted tread life of each rib

Resource Documents

Measurement Systems for the Tire Industry (Bulletin 2511)

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Starrett-Bytewise - Tire Industry Contact Info

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