Tool & Instrument Oil

Ideal solution to maintain your Starrett measuring tools and instruments.


Special high-refining process makes Starrett Tool and Instrument Oil colorless, ensures thorough lubrication of close-fitting parts at extreme temperatures and provides a strong, lasting film over all areas requiring protection against rust.


  • This oil is made to our specifications and used in our factory to lubricate and protect our precision measuring tools and instruments  
  • General purpose lubricant for a wide range of applications  
  • Ideal for maximum protection and lubrication of measuring tools, precision instruments and light machinery  
  • Guards highly finished tools, parts and machined surfaces against rust  
  • Protects firearms, fishing tackle and other sporting equipment and keeps working parts in perfect condition  
  • Cleans bright metals and polishes furniture  
  • Starrett oil can also be used for automobile generators, starters, hinges, locks, and springs