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Accurate, rugged, versatile, convenient to use and inexpensive – for these reasons and more, Starrett mechanical dial indicators with bottom plungers are the measurement workhorses of industrial production.

Regular analog styles with indicating hands are more readable than digital styles when the measurements are being visually monitored by an operator. Select the dial size that gives you the readability you need. We offer five regular dial sizes which will fit most applications that have both space limitations and readability requirements.

Choose the accuracy and readout you need – don't select a .0001" (or 0.001mm) readout if .001" (or 0.01mm) will do your job.

80 Series (Miniature)

ANSI Group 0

81 Series

AGD Group 1 

25 Series

AGD Group 2

655 Series

AGD Group 3

656 Series

AGD Group 4