2900 Electronic indicators

Whether it's IP Rating, data output, or increased feature sets, American-Made 2900 electronic indicators deliver on it all.

Shop 2900 Electronic Indicators (with output)

.5" (12MM) TO 4" (100MM), AGD GROUP 2

The 2900 Electronic Indicators are available in a choice of configurations to meet a range of requirements. Built with IP67 protection and renowned Starrett quality, they maintain their reliability in hostile shop environments.


  • Equipped with an RS232 output - ideal for use with DataSure Wireless Data Collection System. Intuitive design and layout – easy to learn and use
  • Positive, tactile-feel button activation
  • Long battery life
  • CE compliant
  • Data output to SPC on all models
  • Choice of Standard or Full feature models
  • Fixed ratio measurement systems available
  • Compatible with 25 Indicator backs
  • Origin set, zero set
  • All compatible with 2900 SCM, SCU and SCKB cables
  • Counting direction switching (±)
  • True Absolute sensor technology -1 and -6 models only