Layout Tools

With over five generations of practical innovation, exceptional quality, and unmatched precision, Starrett layout tools are designed to blend durability with accuracy. Whether you are a professional tradesman or a do-it-yourselfer, you can always trust that Starrett layout tools will provide the solutions for your job.


Starrett manufacturers a wide range of levels for construction, but offers a limited range of levels in North America as stock items.


Get the job done right with Starrett's complete line of carpentry squares: Framing Squares, Rafter Squares, Carpenter's Try Squares, Drywall Squares and T-Squares.

Carpenter Rules

Straight edge aluminum rules are parallel, made of anodized aluminum with smooth, square and straight edges. Inch or centimeter and millimeter graduation readings on either edge.

Miter Protractors

Miter Protractors are ideal for carpenters, plumbers and all building trades that require the measuring and transferring of angles, eliminating error-prone calculations.

Plumb Bobs

Starrett offers Plumb Bobs made of solid brass as well as Solid Steel, in a variety of weights.

Angle Meter

Angle Meters measure any angle for pitch or slope and provides handy rise, run, angle and pitch information on back of the tool.