Custom Solutions

Whether you need a modified version of a standard product, or a complete custom product designed, Starrett has the resources.

With a high level of vertical integration, Starrett is able to serve the North American market with custom variations of Starrett precision tools, or completely new measurement tools leveraging all of Starrett's manufacturing technology. If you have a measuring challenge with no solution, Starrett is ready to assist you.


Custom Solutions and Services

Special Order

Most stock Starrett Precision Tools can be modified to suit special needs. A dedicated team is standing by to discuss your needs.

Special Gage

Starrett offers application-focused custom solutions. When you have a special measurement problem, we will help you find the solution.

Custom Granite Solutions

We deliver OEM and custom precision granite applications that optimize designs for both price and performance. Engineers can outsource assembly and focus on higher-level throughput solutions, leading to increased efficiency and capacity.

Resource Documents

May 2, 2023 @ Special Gage Division

Special Gage Solutions Optimize Measurement for Many  Unique Applications

Even with the availability of hundreds of standard precision tools and gages, sometimes measuring challenges are best solved with a specially made gage.
May 2, 2023 @ Special Gage Division

You’ve made it, but can you inspect it?

Scoped out correctly and at the right juncture, sometimes the only inspection solution is a custom gage.