Starrett Secial Order Department

Work with our team to customize Starrett precision tools to suit your specific needs.

Modified Standard Products

Some applications present a challenge that can be met with a modified version of one of our standard products.

  • Custom anvil and spindle tip configurations on outside micrometers: Starrett offers custom angles, diameter and radius' not listed in our catalog.
  • Custom outside and inside micrometers with tungsten carbide balls permantley mounted on anvil/spindle and rod point tips. The tool is set to read directly as if measuring over wire or pins.
  • Private logo tools; Starrett can put your company name/logo on tools such as Indicators, Micrometer Heads, and Precision Steel Rules, to name a few.

Large capacity tools


  • 736 style fixed range outside micrometer up to 60" with tubular frame and up to 120" with tubing type frame
  • 724LZ interchangeable anvil micrometers up to 60-66" up to 114-120"
  • 123Z Master Vernier Caliper up to 144"
  • 380, 385 & 387 Precision Steel Straight Edge up to 144" lengths


Non-standard measuring ranges


  • 575/585 Style Screw Thread Micrometer, 2-3" and greater
  • 440, 443, 445 & 749 Depth Micrometer with longer rods for up to 24" measuring range on some models
  • 234A Precision End Measuring rods up to 120"


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